Saturday, October 6, 2012

Event Coverage: Alamo GT

So this past weekend there was an event down in San Antonio which went from being a large open Tournament for 3 days to an Epic 3 Day grudge match! This year was the first year for the Alamo GT to add the Warmachine / Hordes event. For this being the first year of it we had a really good turn out. The event had everything from Iron Arena, to Steam Rollers, Team matches and even a Master's Event. 
There was great fun had by all and some of the games where purely epic.
When it was all said and done there were two teams that were holding down the Master's Event. Will Pagani's Texas Renegades out of Asgard Games in Houston showed up, despite Will himself not be able to attend, Who squared off against the Central Texas team FA:U. A lot of bragging rights, and "scores" were settled. I can foresee this event growing and becoming the annual grudge match between the teams. Hopefully next year we can get a few more of the Texas teams to come down as well, I am talking to you guys up in Waco and Dallas!
Great fun was had by all I wasn't able to get as many pictures as I would like, but here are a few shots from the Master's Event and the Mangled Metal/Tooth and Claw event.


Event Coverage: Summer Rampage

So I got to run my first event by myself at my great FLGS, Battle Field Games. I ran the Summer Rampage which was all around some of the funnest games I have ever seen. There were many memorable moments during these games, namely Jeff's Stormwall not hitting a damn thing, and seeing how much pSorcha does not stand up to the Mountain King's big meaty fist.

Fun was had by all, there was some very beautifully painted models and a lot of jokes and "oh my god!" going on. We only had one guy who was able to pull off all the Rampages and that was none other than Steve Garcia with his Retribution. Our Dominator was David with his Skorne.  There was  many other prizes that where handed out to include our Better luck Next time award which went to Jim Lytle who had no wins and no Rampages. Better luck next year man. Here are a few pics of the event

 We had 16 people show up to play with 4 people just to observe and learn more about the game. Can we see a Journey Man league in the Future? I think so!!

I hope to see more of you at our Events here at Battle Field Games!!!