Saturday, August 18, 2012


So today I got to "proxy" my New Colossal for Menoth. It was a lot of fun to say the least. I was hesitant to do the whole "proxy" thing, but with a few nudges in the right direction from my buddy Steve, I went ahead and did it. I found out two very interesting things, one Colossals ROCK! They seriously bring a new and interesting dynamic to the game which I think is seriously going to advance the game in the right direction. The second thing is that you can literally hide your entire army behind one of those things!

It was interesting to see how the Colossal changes the battle field and how it doesn't at the same time. I was originally under the impression that by having a Colossal on the table it would drastically change the way I play the game. What actually happened was that there was two games happening at the same time. The normal infantry and the Warjacks were beating on each other, and then the two towering Colossals fighting each other. Now I understand that isn't always how things will pan out. I only played two games today using the Colossals, but in each game that's more or less how it ended up happening.

I think that the Colossal will work in the 50pts games and that it can make lists at that level competitive and still fun to play, but I also feel that at the 50pts level or even the 35 pts level your army is simply going to be tailored to support only that one model which will end up being a hindrance than a blessing. I still think that as more and more of the Colossals are released that they are going to find a place in the 50pts Steam Rollers, but I think that it will seriously limit your choices as a player. I could be wrong on this as well, but as powerful at the Colossals are I am not 100% convinced they will be able to handle the infantry spam, or eHaley with a 3 or 4 Hunters in her battlegroup. Armor Percing is a serious pain in the ass.

I am greatly looking forward to getting my hands on my own Colossal when it is released, and I look forward to putting it on the field as much as I can, but I am wondering the value of them in the competitive scene.

Perhaps more play testing will change my point of view, and I might jump on the band wagon of having a Colossal as an Auto include. But as of yet I am not convinced of that, regardless I will be getting my hands on the Judicator.

As always play till you hear, Dice Down!