Sunday, November 4, 2012

BCS Gaming Group Steam Roller

So while I completely forgot my camera yesterday, I went down to a Steam Roller in Bryan/College Station Tx. I had heard from my good friend Steve that there was a group of new Warmahordes players emerging. I thought to myself that I needed to check these guys out. So me and one of the players from my local meta Jeff Second, took the 2 hour drive down to play and see what these guys where all about.

In a nut shell these guys where an AMAZING group of guys to play with. This group was still a relatively new group they had all really just gotten into the game this year shortly after WarGamesCon. This Steam Roller that they were running was their second event ever. The TO was Kevin Rougas who as two points in the day wanted to pull his hair out, but still did an admirable job none the less.  What was amazing to me was how well these players really new their factions and lists after just such a short time playing. When I asked Kevin about it he has told me that all the local players had just finished a slow-grow journeyman's league. He also informed me that all the lists being played where what they had used during that league. I told him that I thought it was great that so much of his meta had done the smart thing about playing Warmahordes. The started off small and worked their way up. I mean these guys KNEW how to work their armies and even for not having played that long most of the players got me sweating a little bit and I have been playing for about a decade now.

All in all it was great fun, it was an awesome event, with really great people. I would recommend to anyone if you are willing to make the drive down the Brian/College Station for one of their events you will not be disappointed.  I personally look forward to hitting up a few more of their events in the future and I look forward to seeing that group of guys grow and becoming one of the major contenders for the future Texas Cup events.

Great Event Guys!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Event Coverage: Alamo GT

So this past weekend there was an event down in San Antonio which went from being a large open Tournament for 3 days to an Epic 3 Day grudge match! This year was the first year for the Alamo GT to add the Warmachine / Hordes event. For this being the first year of it we had a really good turn out. The event had everything from Iron Arena, to Steam Rollers, Team matches and even a Master's Event. 
There was great fun had by all and some of the games where purely epic.
When it was all said and done there were two teams that were holding down the Master's Event. Will Pagani's Texas Renegades out of Asgard Games in Houston showed up, despite Will himself not be able to attend, Who squared off against the Central Texas team FA:U. A lot of bragging rights, and "scores" were settled. I can foresee this event growing and becoming the annual grudge match between the teams. Hopefully next year we can get a few more of the Texas teams to come down as well, I am talking to you guys up in Waco and Dallas!
Great fun was had by all I wasn't able to get as many pictures as I would like, but here are a few shots from the Master's Event and the Mangled Metal/Tooth and Claw event.


Event Coverage: Summer Rampage

So I got to run my first event by myself at my great FLGS, Battle Field Games. I ran the Summer Rampage which was all around some of the funnest games I have ever seen. There were many memorable moments during these games, namely Jeff's Stormwall not hitting a damn thing, and seeing how much pSorcha does not stand up to the Mountain King's big meaty fist.

Fun was had by all, there was some very beautifully painted models and a lot of jokes and "oh my god!" going on. We only had one guy who was able to pull off all the Rampages and that was none other than Steve Garcia with his Retribution. Our Dominator was David with his Skorne.  There was  many other prizes that where handed out to include our Better luck Next time award which went to Jim Lytle who had no wins and no Rampages. Better luck next year man. Here are a few pics of the event

 We had 16 people show up to play with 4 people just to observe and learn more about the game. Can we see a Journey Man league in the Future? I think so!!

I hope to see more of you at our Events here at Battle Field Games!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012


So today I got to "proxy" my New Colossal for Menoth. It was a lot of fun to say the least. I was hesitant to do the whole "proxy" thing, but with a few nudges in the right direction from my buddy Steve, I went ahead and did it. I found out two very interesting things, one Colossals ROCK! They seriously bring a new and interesting dynamic to the game which I think is seriously going to advance the game in the right direction. The second thing is that you can literally hide your entire army behind one of those things!

It was interesting to see how the Colossal changes the battle field and how it doesn't at the same time. I was originally under the impression that by having a Colossal on the table it would drastically change the way I play the game. What actually happened was that there was two games happening at the same time. The normal infantry and the Warjacks were beating on each other, and then the two towering Colossals fighting each other. Now I understand that isn't always how things will pan out. I only played two games today using the Colossals, but in each game that's more or less how it ended up happening.

I think that the Colossal will work in the 50pts games and that it can make lists at that level competitive and still fun to play, but I also feel that at the 50pts level or even the 35 pts level your army is simply going to be tailored to support only that one model which will end up being a hindrance than a blessing. I still think that as more and more of the Colossals are released that they are going to find a place in the 50pts Steam Rollers, but I think that it will seriously limit your choices as a player. I could be wrong on this as well, but as powerful at the Colossals are I am not 100% convinced they will be able to handle the infantry spam, or eHaley with a 3 or 4 Hunters in her battlegroup. Armor Percing is a serious pain in the ass.

I am greatly looking forward to getting my hands on my own Colossal when it is released, and I look forward to putting it on the field as much as I can, but I am wondering the value of them in the competitive scene.

Perhaps more play testing will change my point of view, and I might jump on the band wagon of having a Colossal as an Auto include. But as of yet I am not convinced of that, regardless I will be getting my hands on the Judicator.

As always play till you hear, Dice Down!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Battlegroup in an afternoon.

So today I set out with one small task. I wanted to see how quickly I could get a battlegroup painted and table worthy. Well I have a lot of minis setting on the shelf, but I picked out my pMagnus Battlegroup. So I started off with an assembled and primed group. After 5 hours, 2 Monster energy drinks, and a smoke break I was able to produce this.

Here is a close up of Magnus. I tried to give him that AUTHENTIC BATTLE DAMAGE!!!(poor jack black voice impression there).

Here are a few Pics of the 'Jacks, The Mangler, The Talon, and lastly the Renegade.

That's how it stands. I think I did pretty well given it was done in 5 hours, but as always I welcome advice and critiques. Up next on the Factory Floor will be pKreoss battlegroup.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer Events

So for those of you who are not tracking all the events going on here in Texas this summer allow me to let you know.
Well this month there is obviously WarGames Con. I am sure that many of you will be in attendance and that many of you will have a blast!
But I would like to shed some light on the lesser known Events going on this summer. First I would like to let everyone know about Dallas hosting their Event called Coal and Claw ( )
I am really looking forward to this one. Its going to be a weekend of just straight gaming. The guys up in Dallas have been working super hard on getting this event together so I highly recommend if you have the means that you make it out it looks to be a blast, plus the Diplomacy Machine looks interesting. 
In September there is going to be a large Warmachine/Hordes Event going on at the Alamo GT in San Antonio. I am not sure that there is a website for it up yet, but I will be sure to post a link as soon as I am made aware of one.  
I know it doesn't fall in the Summer time frame but I would be remiss if I didn't mention Clash for the Cure this upcoming October ( ).
Anyhow there will be much more to come on these events and what Army I will be using for each. Plus I am thinking I will be adding some more posts related to all things Warmachine and Hordes.
Till next time!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lock and Load what a Rush!

Hey all,
Its been forever yes, but having recently returned from Lock and Load I have been a bit pooped. It was a wild ride and a lot of fun. I got to play against a couple of the Guys from  Hand Cannon Online. I must say they are a decent bunch of guys. My Hat's off to you Ghool for Master Craftsman and Best Painted. Though I will admit I found it funny that you and ThorkaThor (the guys who were competing for gold were in the elevator right next to one another and didn't even know it.
Anyhow, my score card wasn't the greatest I admit, but hey McBain killed Xerxes which means that somewhere there  is a new rip in the fabric of space and time.  I recommend that anyone who wanted to go this year needs to plan for next year and get things  rolling. I am already planning for next year.
Some of the great things that came out of Lock and Load were the Colossal of course. People where standing in line for quite a while waiting for the store to open to get those things. It really didn't take  long for the people who bought them to assemble them and use them, in some cases that very same day!
Some of the other great things were a lot of people got their hands on Vlad3 which I must admit is beyond ridiculous. The Sons of Bragg for the Trolls where another welcome surprise in my opinion.
All in all it was a great weekend and a lot of fun. Hopefully I will see many of the same faces next year. I still have a couple of people who owe me a re-match!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

McBain falls to pSorcha

Okay so last night my good friend Jim aka Count Domar, came over for a little dinner and some jack smashing action. Its was a 35 pts game. McBain vs pSorcha. Well by the 3rd turn I thought I had this game in the bag. Well Slick Jim pulled one out of no where, well I have and idea where but hey kids could be reading this thing. Anyhow he ended up seizing the day and killing McBain. Here are a few shots from the game enjoy.

This last one is a little Victory shot for Jim, savor it, McBain will have his revenge!

Work Thus Far

Well we are now full swing into 2012. My New Years resolution was to get at least one of my armies painted before the Apocalypse. Actually it is to get one painted prior to Lock and Load and WarGames Con. This year I am going to be hitting Lock and Load its going to be my big con of the year. I get one a year. No all my Wargames Con peeps, I am not saying yall's is little. But it does not require the same amount financially that Lock and Load does. Anyhow. So I was discussing with my good friend Steve on what Lists they had last year and what the over all feel of Hardcore was. Steve, if you are unfamiliar with him crack open NQ 38 pg. 65 under Hardcore II that's my friend Steve, has been coaching me and helping me get ready. Well I have come up with a list that I am wanting to take to L&L. Its an unusual list, one that has a lot of bugs to work out but I am convinced it will work.  I will reveal more on this list later, but for now here is one of the jacks from the Caster's battlegroup the paint scheme should give you an over all feel for the army. As always comments are welcome.

Monday, January 2, 2012

A Start, no where near finished.

Hello yall,
Well I have McBain, his two Nomads, and his two Mules just about done. My focus as soon as I got home was to get his battle group finished. Now, I know his Mules are not finished. This is primarily due to my little one who likes to take up a lot of daddy's time. But hey I don't mind. So the work is a little slow going to say the least. You will however get a good idea of the paint scheme and the over all feeling I am going for with this battle group. Yes his plethora of steel heads are going to quickly follow, just as soon as I get my Tournament list painted. Now that I have all the necessary models for it. That will be yet another post for you all to read. Anyhow here is a pic of McBain and his battle group as they stand now. Oh and by the way, if you haven't started converting over your metal P3 paints to the new black label P3, you need to seriously. They go on a hell of a lot smoother and you have significantly less coats to do on the model using them.