Thursday, January 19, 2012

McBain falls to pSorcha

Okay so last night my good friend Jim aka Count Domar, came over for a little dinner and some jack smashing action. Its was a 35 pts game. McBain vs pSorcha. Well by the 3rd turn I thought I had this game in the bag. Well Slick Jim pulled one out of no where, well I have and idea where but hey kids could be reading this thing. Anyhow he ended up seizing the day and killing McBain. Here are a few shots from the game enjoy.

This last one is a little Victory shot for Jim, savor it, McBain will have his revenge!

Work Thus Far

Well we are now full swing into 2012. My New Years resolution was to get at least one of my armies painted before the Apocalypse. Actually it is to get one painted prior to Lock and Load and WarGames Con. This year I am going to be hitting Lock and Load its going to be my big con of the year. I get one a year. No all my Wargames Con peeps, I am not saying yall's is little. But it does not require the same amount financially that Lock and Load does. Anyhow. So I was discussing with my good friend Steve on what Lists they had last year and what the over all feel of Hardcore was. Steve, if you are unfamiliar with him crack open NQ 38 pg. 65 under Hardcore II that's my friend Steve, has been coaching me and helping me get ready. Well I have come up with a list that I am wanting to take to L&L. Its an unusual list, one that has a lot of bugs to work out but I am convinced it will work.  I will reveal more on this list later, but for now here is one of the jacks from the Caster's battlegroup the paint scheme should give you an over all feel for the army. As always comments are welcome.

Monday, January 2, 2012

A Start, no where near finished.

Hello yall,
Well I have McBain, his two Nomads, and his two Mules just about done. My focus as soon as I got home was to get his battle group finished. Now, I know his Mules are not finished. This is primarily due to my little one who likes to take up a lot of daddy's time. But hey I don't mind. So the work is a little slow going to say the least. You will however get a good idea of the paint scheme and the over all feeling I am going for with this battle group. Yes his plethora of steel heads are going to quickly follow, just as soon as I get my Tournament list painted. Now that I have all the necessary models for it. That will be yet another post for you all to read. Anyhow here is a pic of McBain and his battle group as they stand now. Oh and by the way, if you haven't started converting over your metal P3 paints to the new black label P3, you need to seriously. They go on a hell of a lot smoother and you have significantly less coats to do on the model using them.