Sunday, November 4, 2012

BCS Gaming Group Steam Roller

So while I completely forgot my camera yesterday, I went down to a Steam Roller in Bryan/College Station Tx. I had heard from my good friend Steve that there was a group of new Warmahordes players emerging. I thought to myself that I needed to check these guys out. So me and one of the players from my local meta Jeff Second, took the 2 hour drive down to play and see what these guys where all about.

In a nut shell these guys where an AMAZING group of guys to play with. This group was still a relatively new group they had all really just gotten into the game this year shortly after WarGamesCon. This Steam Roller that they were running was their second event ever. The TO was Kevin Rougas who as two points in the day wanted to pull his hair out, but still did an admirable job none the less.  What was amazing to me was how well these players really new their factions and lists after just such a short time playing. When I asked Kevin about it he has told me that all the local players had just finished a slow-grow journeyman's league. He also informed me that all the lists being played where what they had used during that league. I told him that I thought it was great that so much of his meta had done the smart thing about playing Warmahordes. The started off small and worked their way up. I mean these guys KNEW how to work their armies and even for not having played that long most of the players got me sweating a little bit and I have been playing for about a decade now.

All in all it was great fun, it was an awesome event, with really great people. I would recommend to anyone if you are willing to make the drive down the Brian/College Station for one of their events you will not be disappointed.  I personally look forward to hitting up a few more of their events in the future and I look forward to seeing that group of guys grow and becoming one of the major contenders for the future Texas Cup events.

Great Event Guys!

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