Saturday, November 27, 2010

Old Parts New Design

Okay so this is my first blog, like ever. Yeah I know how in the world can a 27 year old in this day and age never have blogged? Well simple I just never have. BUT I was watching a video on you tube from a guy who I have followed for several months. He inspired me. Here is the deal. I keep beating around the bush about getting my rather extensive collection of Warmachine and Hordes models assembled and painted. While I do have a rather large amount of them assembled...very little paint has touched them. And I of course have a large amount of  un-assembled models as well. So I am going to take a cue from this guy and get my butt in shape. So to speak. Every week (or as close to that as I can manage the Army does take a lot of my personal time) I will be posting something on here related to Warmachine and or Hordes. Whether it be building, painting, tactics, or hell even a battle report or two I don't fully know yet. But I can promise you this that it will be fun and entertaining none the less. Tomorrow keep a look out for "My Collection" I will hopefully be able to post the pictures on here of my warmachine and hordes collection to date, if i can figure out how to do that. Then you can see the serious undertaking I am going to commit to. Till then GAME ON!

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