Monday, August 1, 2011

Updates from afar...

Well to prove that I didn't just create this blog and then dropped it here is the deal my general viewers. Well this blog was started while I was stationed at Ft. Irwin, California. Then I got PCS(moved to a different duty station), shortly there after. Upon arriving at my new duty station (Ft. Hood, Texas), I was send to a rapid deployment unit. So within a few short months I was deployed. Which is where I am at now. When I am returning is anyone's guess, but since we are in "Draw Down" phase in Iraq, I  imagine it will be rather shortly, hopefully by Christmas. So since I have ad all this time to think about my armies, their make up, and how often I use each one I have come up with this. I will build and paint 2 general purpose armies, I.E. just stuff I use the most often. Then I shall have my Food Machine Army, and My Breast Cancer Brawl Army.
I think that it will be a nice little under taking, and hopefully after its all said and done ( I am giving myself a short 3 months to accomplish this task), this site will be a lot better. Once that Is all complete I will try and post various entries on painting and whatever model is being a pain in the butt that week. Well hopefully you haven't lost faith in the Ol' Jack Factory, its still around, just the employee is off doing the day time job.

If you want your warmchine fix and can't wait for me to get back well you can always check out Gareson's stuff, he always has something new and spanky on his blog. Anyhow till I return, I say to you, Play like you gotta pair.


  1. I am excited to watch the progress of your armies. It's great that you are into the charitable part of the game. I look forward to your next post!

  2. Howdy. Love your workspace. Wish I was that organized. My wife and I are just getting into Warmachine/Hordes currently and I love having a hobby I can share with her.
    We're in Waco, just a few miles down the road from Ft. Hood. I don't know what the Killeen warmachine scene is like, but Friday nights and most weekends the Game closet is packed with folks in Waco. And, if you're back stateside then, there's a big tournament taking place in October.
    Clash for the cure(details here):