Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Workshop

Okay so I emailed the loving wife and asked her to take some photos of the workshop. I figured I would post the pics up on here so you all can get a good look at what I have at my disposal (well for when I get back), and maybe you all can help me to decide what factions are gonna be what. Now keep in mind that my two primary armies are my Menoth and Khador. But I have such a plethora of all the factions (Cygnar excluded they are the wife's but she included pics of them as well.) I figured I can get your take on things. Which armies should be my Foodmachine and which should be my new spanky Breast Cancer Brawl army? so without further a due. Here are my minis to date. Now in the time leading up to my return to the states I will make various comments on ideas and army compositions I am toying with after it is decided which army becomes what.
 The Workbench as you can see it has all sorts of various models in various stages of construction.
 This is a close up of the workbench and some of my future projects hanging on the wall there.
  These are my poor poor Iron Kingdoms Minis and my Lot of Privateers, they don't see much love since well I mainly got them out of a need to collect not really to play them all that much. and in the back corner is my very fledgling Trollbloods. I have big plans for those, well additions I am going to make to them.
 Here we have the yet another shelf space of minis that adorn the room. Cygnar, some menoth, mercs, cryx, and some of my skorne.
 A close up of about half of my Menoth and Khador for some reason Kate(the wife) didnt take a pic of the game table that has the rest of these armies on it. (it was the last game I got to play before I deployed.)
 All that is the very small amount of Cryx that I have, I plan on expanding them, I just have no clue as to what direction to take them. maybe you all can help me out on that one?
Last but not least, a close up of a quarter of Kate's cygnar, the rest of them are in their Battlefoam bags getting ready to head out a pick up game at the LGS.

Well there you have it Folks a portion of what I have but I think you are all getting the idea. So how are you all my avid readers going to help me out? well lets help me decide what to do with which army? That's the HARD part. There are a lot more minis, with more pics to come as I convince the wife to pull stuff out of our bags and set them up on the table for display and take some pics. Now as you can see the larger part of my collection is unpainted, there is a reason for that. After it is decided (and I get back) the painting begins.


  1. I really dig the shelving. Did that all come as a modular unit, or did you kitbash it together?

  2. It was modular, have to ask the wife where she picked it up, but I think it a walmart special.

  3. Holy hell, that is a lot of minis! :) I only have a few Warmachine models myself but they also happen to be from both Menoth and Khador.

    Now, considering the beefiness of the Khadoran 'jacks and such, it is my humble opinion that Khador is well suited to the Breast Cancer Brawl. Let's face it, Khadoran warjacks are built to stamp out breast cancer. :)

    Be safe and come home soon. I want to see progress on those armies!!

  4. Well that's one vote for Khador