Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Battlegroup in an afternoon.

So today I set out with one small task. I wanted to see how quickly I could get a battlegroup painted and table worthy. Well I have a lot of minis setting on the shelf, but I picked out my pMagnus Battlegroup. So I started off with an assembled and primed group. After 5 hours, 2 Monster energy drinks, and a smoke break I was able to produce this.

Here is a close up of Magnus. I tried to give him that AUTHENTIC BATTLE DAMAGE!!!(poor jack black voice impression there).

Here are a few Pics of the 'Jacks, The Mangler, The Talon, and lastly the Renegade.

That's how it stands. I think I did pretty well given it was done in 5 hours, but as always I welcome advice and critiques. Up next on the Factory Floor will be pKreoss battlegroup.

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