Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lock and Load what a Rush!

Hey all,
Its been forever yes, but having recently returned from Lock and Load I have been a bit pooped. It was a wild ride and a lot of fun. I got to play against a couple of the Guys from  Hand Cannon Online. I must say they are a decent bunch of guys. My Hat's off to you Ghool for Master Craftsman and Best Painted. Though I will admit I found it funny that you and ThorkaThor (the guys who were competing for gold were in the elevator right next to one another and didn't even know it.
Anyhow, my score card wasn't the greatest I admit, but hey McBain killed Xerxes which means that somewhere there  is a new rip in the fabric of space and time.  I recommend that anyone who wanted to go this year needs to plan for next year and get things  rolling. I am already planning for next year.
Some of the great things that came out of Lock and Load were the Colossal of course. People where standing in line for quite a while waiting for the store to open to get those things. It really didn't take  long for the people who bought them to assemble them and use them, in some cases that very same day!
Some of the other great things were a lot of people got their hands on Vlad3 which I must admit is beyond ridiculous. The Sons of Bragg for the Trolls where another welcome surprise in my opinion.
All in all it was a great weekend and a lot of fun. Hopefully I will see many of the same faces next year. I still have a couple of people who owe me a re-match!

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